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State Laws & Restrictions Information Page @



It is the responsibility of you the buyer, not A.K.A. U.S. Sales & Marketing, to understand your local, state, and federal laws before placing an order. If you are unsure of your state's laws pertaining to any products you want to order, you should consult local, state, and/or federal authorities to be certain you are not breaking any laws.

All airgun orders will arrive ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED. We will not ship airguns to persons under the age of 18, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Based on the state law we do NOT and can NOT ship Airguns or BB guns to New York City and its boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, these zip codes are: 100xx-104xx, 110xx, 112xx-114xx, 116xx), the city of Philadelphia, PA and Washington DC.

Residents of Chicago, IL cannot buy CO2 powered rifles, pistols or revolvers directly from us.

Residents of IL cannot buy air guns that exceed 700 ft/sec directly from us.

Residents of New Jersey can buy bb guns through a designated local gun store after acquiring an Airgun Permit.

Michigan residents, .177 CALIBER AIR RIFLES AND SMOOTH BORE AIR PISTOLS CAN BE PURCHASED DIRECTLY ON THE WEB SITE AND WILL BE SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOU. No air pistols (other than smooth bore) of any caliber can be sold to you unless the proper permits are issued by the State and local authorities.

Michigan residents, if you would like to purchase something other than a .177 caliber air rifle, we will ship it to you, however you will have to follow the steps below:

1. Inform our company of the item you want to purchase.
2. The item will be shipped to the designated dealer/retailer in your area. Your job is to find a participating dealer/retailer and let us know where to ship your gun.
3. Go to your local police department to obtain a Permit to Purchase the airgun. Each airgun purchase must have a separate Permit.
4. After the Permit is issued to you by the Police take it to the gun store where your gun will be shipped.
5. After the Permit is presented to the store and the fee is paid they will hand over the airgun to you.
6. Take the airgun back to the police department, where they will conduct a safety check and ballistics test.
After it is determined that the gun is safe and tests are conducted you will be ready to take the airgun home.

It is the responsibility of the buyer and not the seller (U.S. Sales & Marketing / to ascertain and obey all applicable laws in regard to the possession and the use of our products. Absolutely No Sales to Minors. By placing an order, the buyer represents that all products purchased will be used in a lawful manner and accepts full responsibility for the possession and/or use of the products purchased and also that he/she is of legal age.

Before you order a airgun or airsoft gun, please make sure that they are legal where you live by all local, county, state and federal laws.

For additional information please see our Legal Disclaimer. Offering Top Quality Airgun Pistols, Air Rifles & Airgun Accessories

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