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Product ID: NS1204A
Manufacturer: Crosman
Crosman NightStalker TK Air Rifle
In Stock: 0
Crosman NightStalker TK Air Rifle
Crosman NightStalker TK
The first semi-automatic pellet air rifle to feature blowback action.

On a variety of levels, the Nightstalker is power. Automatic blowback recocking, 580 fps, 12 shots in a row… as fast as you can pull its trigger.

With the AirSource 88g cylinder, the Nightstalker reaches up to 350 shots without replacement. The exclusive Mohawk Sight System lets you sight those shots through two aperture sized peep sights with adjustability for windage, as well as a unique front sight that is fully-adjustable for multiple levels of elevation.

This kit also features a red dot sight, a flashlight and a bipod for increased accuracy and a tactical feel. The Nightstalker gives you the power you crave, the accuracy you strive to achieve and the modern tactical look you want for your newest airgun.

This flashlight uses a remote pressure pad, which runs on two CR123 lithium batteries (included).

The bipod is collapsible for storage and has telescope legs, which adjust for different heights.

The red dot sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and runs two A76 button batteries (included).

Model NS1204A


Power Source:airsource
Caliber:177 cal. (4.5 mm) Le
Max Velocity:Up to 580 fps (176.78 m/s)
Length:30.55 in. (75.60 cm)
Weight:3.27 lbs. (1.48 kg)
Barrel Length: 16.75 in.
Front Site: Mohawk Sight
Rear Site: Mohawk Sight
Mechanism: Blowback repeater
Safety: cross bolt
Magazine: 12 Shot rotary clip

List Price: $259.99
Price: $209.99
Out of Stock

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Crosman NightStalker TK Air Rifle 
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