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Crosman Soft Air Stinger S2 Kit
In Stock: 0
Crosman Soft Air Stinger S2 Kit
Soft Air Stinger S2 Kit
Stinger R36
The Stinger R36, which resembles elite U.S. Navy SEAL weaponry, was designed for the ultimate tactical experience. A four-side rail structure lets you mount varius accessories like the cross hair sight and LED flashlight, included. The Hop-Up system puts a backspin on your plastic BBs, giving them increased distance and accuracy. Plus, you can use this soft air gun as a mini-rifle or attach the stock and compensator for the increased control of a full-size rifle.

Stinger P30
This Soft Air pistol offers single shot spring powered action. Plastic BBs get maximum distance and accuracy thanks to the Hop-Up backspin. Loads up to 16 plastic BBs.

The Soft Air Goggles feature shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, frames made of a flexible TPR material (Thermo Plastic Rubber), anti-fog ventilation and an adjustable strap for added comfort.



Power Source:spring
Caliber:6mm plastic BBs
Max Velocity:Stinger R36 - 260 feet per second
Stinger P30 - 275 feet per second
Capacity:Magazines: up to 20 plastic BBs
Weight:R36-2.25lbs P30-12.5oz
Safety: Lever
Price: $59.95
Out of Stock

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Crosman Soft Air Stinger S2 Kit 
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