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Product ID: T4OPTS
Crosman T4 Tactical Opts Kit
In Stock: 0
Crosman T4 Tactical Opts Kit
There is the way others do things, and there is the way Crosman does things.

Innovation strikes again with the exciting new T4 Opts pistol. It is a dynamic
powerhouse with solid body construction and an incredible new pressurizing
mechanism. Our new power grip system makes pressurizing your gun a snap.
Drop a Crosman Powerlet into the holder, slide it into the gun and a simple
squeeze of the grip is all it takes to fire 8 fast accurate pellets or BBs
as fast as you can pull the trigger.

The T4 Opts also includes tactical accessories, like an adjustable Red Dot sight, a barrel compensator, and a pressure operated tactical flashlight. If that was not enough it all comes in a foam padded, hard sided protective case.

Model: T4OPTS


Power Source:co2
Max Velocity:up to 430 fps pellet/ Up to 450 fps
Capacity:8 shot
Weight:1.32 lbs
Barrel Material: Rifled Steel
Barrel Length: 8.63 in.
Front Sight: Fixed
Rear Sight: Adjustable for Windage
Safety: Cross Bolt
Magazine: 8 shot clip
Price: $149.95
Out of Stock

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Crosman T4 Tactical Opts Kit 
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