Universal Barrel Clamp Mount Adjustable Tactical Air Rifle Bipods



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Tactical Adjustable Compact Rifle Bipod

On firearms, it commonly used bipods on rifles and machine guns to provide a forward rest and reduce motion. They were also seen on other long-barrelled weapons. Bipods permit operators to easily rest a weapon on objects, like the ground or a wall, reducing their fatigue and increasing accuracy and stability. Bipods can be of fixed or adjustable length. It can tilt some and also have its tilting point close to the barrel?s central axis and it is allowing the weapon to tilt left and right and it has some designs that also allow the weapon to be rotated again side-to-side. There are three ways for bipods to be folded: away from the shooter, towards the shooter, or into a vertical foregrip.

* High-tech durable aluminum construction and steel top platform
* Clever dual mounting ? Picatinny Mount and swivel stud mount
* Foldable arms with robust external spring tension control
* Adjustable center height from 9 to 11 inches
* Center height adjustable from 6.2? to 6.7? and leg length adjustable from 6.7? to 7.5?
* Tactical low profile for versatile applications; Weighs 10.3 ounces
* Posi-lock wheel and quick retraction button
*Posi-lock: Unique safety design to guarantee that the position of the folding arm is fully locked.
* Extendable Legs: Length of both legs can be adjusted for best shooting position.
* Foldable Arms: Bipod arms can be folded up for easy carry and storage.
*Rubberized Stand: Specially rubber-coated stand increases the friction between the stands and the surface they contact with for a more stabilized shooting position.


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