Pellet Revolver Cartridges .177 (Pack of 6)



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Pellet Revolver Cartridges .177 Pack of 6

Can be used in almost all .177 pellet revolver.
Compatible with:
Dan wesson 715 pellet revolver
Legends S25
Webley MkVi Pellet Revolver

Extra cartridges for pellet revolver. Made from solid brass with a plastic retention gasket to hold the 177 pellet (4.5 mm) these cartridges are stylish and have a nice solid weight adding to the realism of the handling of the gun- these shells have a larger conduit for CO2 to pass through since pellets tend to be heavier than steel BBs. So- this isn’t just a BB revolver that now takes pellets. Nope- they thought it through so you don’t lose velocity.

Pellet revolver shells:

  • For use in .177 pellet revolvers only (will not work or fit the BB or airsoft revolvers)
  • Use only with .177-caliber pellets


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