Webley MKVI CO2 .177 Pellet Revolver Battlefield Finish

Webley MKVI CO2 .177 Pellet Revolver Battlefield Finish

One of the most well-known British firearms is now available with a CO2 power plant!

The Webley Mark VI first entered service in 1915 and found extensive use in both World Wars as the official sidearm of the British and Commonwealth forces, You’ve also probably have seen the firearm in the Indiana Jones movies and the TV show “Fire Fly.”

Widely regarded as the definitive edition of the Webley Service Revolver, the Mark VI can now be yours as a CO2 pellet revolver.

The original and still the best, the Webley MKVI black finish is still the most popular CO2 revolver. While most replicas have a close resemblance to the firearms they copy, the MKVI beats all of them as it has been designed and manufactured using the original blueprints dating back over 100 years. Beautiful in design with its proven heritage, the MKVI is a must for the discerning collector or enthusiast. This Mark VI replica has just about every feature as its firearm counterpart, from the top-break loading and extracting, double/single action trigger. It loads, cycles, fires, and ejects just like its real-life counterpart, and can even be field-stripped. With the Mark VI air revolver, you can enjoy the smooth action and lifelike feel with a max muzzle velocity of 430 fps.

This Mark VI variation of this classic revolver features a battlefield distressed finish to give your pistol a well-worn look.

Take home the Mark VI air revolver and own a replica of one of the greatest battle revolvers in history!

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