Beretta M9A3 Blowback Air Pistol cal. 4,5 mm (.177) BB


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Brand: Beretta
• Caliber – 4,5 mm (.177) BB
• Power Source – CO₂
• Magazine capacity – 18 shot(s)
• Safety – Firing pin safety
• Length – 226 mm
• Barrel length – 124 mm
• Weight – 1080 g
• Velocity – 105m/s ( 344 Fps)
• Trigger – Double Action
• Special feature(s) – Blow Back


Product Details
Brand: Beretta
Manufacturer: Umarex
Beretta Air pistol

Caliber .177 (4.5mm)
Max Velocity 344 fps
Grip Ambi
Beretta M9A3 C02 Pistol Packs SEMI-Auto Fun Into M9 Redesign

Whether you’re looking for a super-realistic training tool, a fun basement/backyard plinker or are just a fan of finely crafted Italian sidearms, the new Beretta M9A3 select fire C02 air pistol is the airgun for you.

Officially licensed by Beretta, the Umarex M9A3 is a faithful reproduction of the 9mm firearm it simulates. From its blowback-action slide and faux suppressor-accepting, threaded barrel, to the three-point Picatinny rail under the front of its frame and full-sized magazine, this FDE-colored lookalike is a dead ringer for the real powder burner. It even fits holsters designed for the M9A3 firearm.

Further enhancing this C02 air pistol’s realism are an authentic, ambidextrous safety, standard-function magazine release button and thin, Vertec-style, plastic grips. What’s more, this model features a full-auto function for blasting through its 18-round BB magazine with one tug on the crisp, clean-pulling trigger.

No matter if you’re tactically training at home, knocking down soda cans for fun or punching holes in paper targets, this .177-caliber Beretta M9A3 C02 pistol from Umarex will ensure you’ll have a blast doing it.

Beretta M9A3 Semi Auto .177 CO2 Air Pistol

Semi-automatic repeater
Blowback action slide
Threaded muzzle for mock suppressor (M14x1 counter clockwise threads)
Full size 18-round BB magazine
12-gram CO2 capsule (not included) loads in the magazine
Fits holsters made for M9A3
Under muzzle rail for light/ laser
Clean, crisp trigger
Authentic ambidextrous safety
Tough polymer frame
Beretta vertical grip
Standard function mag release button
Beretta Trademarks licensed by Beretta



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